What makes us different?

Our school motto of ‘Learning God’s way’ along with our 6 values of love, integrity, responsibility, achievement, sense of community and respect, underpin all we do.  

The school environment has a rich variety of visual focal points, including our beautiful creation mosaics and classroom reflection areas, to help children and adults in our community remember that Jesus is at the centre of Aldrington.  Many visitors comment on how special our environment is.

Everyday and Special events

Our Christian ethos and values are integral across our curriculum, supported by our varied acts of collective worship and special events throughout the year.  Wherever appropriate, Christian values are discussed and emphasised so practical application of the Christian faith is modelled.

A praying school

Aldrington is a ‘praying school’. Children have opportunities to pray throughout the week – daily in class, in assemblies, and with their peers, lunchtime worship/singing. This helps to develop a culture of openness about their faith.

Following the children's feedback from our Faith Through Art theme week last year, we're in the process of setting up a permanent prayer space in school - watch this space!

Faith theme weeks

Each year we have a Faith through Art theme week where we creatively explore different aspects about God, such as ‘Who is Jesus?’, ‘Where is God?’, ‘What is God like?’. 

Some of the activities we’ve enjoyed in our theme weeks include: producing artwork for the NATRE Art in Heaven competition (and having highly commended and even a national winner!); writing our own school prayer; creating art work to represent our school values; producing group dances with our friend Melissa to depict God’s awesomeness and enjoying prayer spaces provided by 'Off the Fence'.  

Community involvement

It is important to us that being a Christian school has a positive effect on our local, national and international communities.  We have links to local, national and international charities and enjoy organising fundraising events to support these.  

Our reputation in the local community is very strong, attracting large numbers from both church and non-church backgrounds.  Parents tell us they choose Aldrington because our ethos is clear, tangible and distinctive.

Take a look at the photos below to see how we've supported charities recently, including local charities Time2Talk, off the Fence and RISE, the national Red Nose Day, and the international Toilet Twinning.

Our Generation Games: Our Year 4 and Year 5 children meet up with our older friends in the community. We invite our guests from our  local church groups and our own grandparents. We host our games events in Bishop Hannington's lounge and meet up for an hour of fun. We all learn so much about each other as well as have fun learning new strategies and skills playing a variety of games.

All our school policies reflect the Christian character of the school.

Take a look at our RE and Collective Worship policies below to see how we ensure our ethos remains strong:

RE Policy 

Collective Worship Policy