Instrument of Government and List of Governors


The Aldrington Governing Board shall consist of:

2 Parent Governors

1 Local Authority Governor

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher

1 Co-opted Governor

8 Foundation Governors


List of Governors

Name                             Role                        Appointed By            Term of Office                            Responsibilities

Nicholas Carr                 Foundation              Diocese                       11/05/17 - 10/05/21                   Chair of FSP Committee and Training

Verity Coates                  Headteacher           By virtue of appt.         30/10/17 - ex-officio                 

Steve Edwards               Foundation              Diocese                       18/06/18 - 17/06/22                    Chair of Curriculum Committee

Zoe Fagg                        Parent Gov.              Parents                         19/07/17 - 18/07/21   

Rev. Tim Gage                Foundation              By virtue of role           13.05.20 - ex-officio

William Holden              Associate                 Governing Board        18/10/19 - 17/10/20                      Ethos Committee                

Dave Howarth                Foundation              Diocese                         01/02/19 - 31/01/23

Susannah Kendrick         Co-opted                Governing Board          22/07/17 - 21/07/21 (2nd term)        Chair of Full Governing Board            

Clare Lines                     Foundation              Diocese                        09/01/17 - 08/01/21 (re-appt)          Vice-Chair of FGB and Child Protection

Tim Lodge                      Staff Gov.                 Staff                              05/10/18 - 05/10/22   

Shadrach Mwale             Parent Gov.             Parents                         18/07/19 - 17/07/23              

Justin Slater                    Associate                Governing Board           01/09/19 - 31/08/23                    FSP Committee

John Spearman               Foundation             Diocese                         11/05/17 - 10/05/21 (re-appt)         Health and Safety

Sue Ward                         LA Gov.                  Local Authority               04/03/17 - 03/03/21 (re-appt)           

The following governors have also served the Aldrington Governing Board since September 2017:

Geoff Payne (resigned January 2018).   Julian Milson (resigned January 2018).  Phil Moon (resigned September 2018).  Kate Vickers (resigned October 2018). Jane Clasby (resigned September 2018).  Helen Day (resigned June 2019).  Rev. Daniel Smith (resigned December 2019). Paula Langrish (resigned May 2020), Christine Jefferson (resigned June 2020).  Liz Barrows (resigned July 2020).


Register of Interests

 The following governors have disclosed these interests:

  • Susannah Kendrick has a child in Year 6.
  • Clare Lines is an employee of Brighton & Hove City Council and works in Children’s Services. She is also a member of Bishop Hannington Church (foundation Church of the School).
  • Justin Slater provides non-educational strategic consultancy to the Multi Academies Trust sector and is in the process of creating a school benchmarking tool using open source DfE data. He is a parent of two children at Aldrington.  
  • John Spearman is a director of a firm of consulting civil and structural engineers. 

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