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Changes with the CURRICULUM alongside ATTAINMENT and PROGRESS

The education system has had two major changes in the last couple of years:

  • the new Curriculum 2014 which challenges the children further than ever before, so much so that a lot of the maths and English curriculum is twelve months ahead of the previous curriculum – thus Year 5 are expected to achieve skills previously taught to Year 6;
  • an assessment system, where we no longer use ‘levels’ and ‘sub-levels’ (eg L3b) to identify each child’s attainment and progress, with an emphasis on reasoning and deep understanding – thus broadening their learning.


The government have been specific in the skills and concepts to be taught in the Curriculum 2014 but have chosen to let each school select their own system of assessing children’s progress as they feel that it needs to be cohort related.


The combination of these two changes means that our children are working really hard to develop their understanding in areas that were previously aimed at older children. As a result each child needs to attain a higher ‘level’ of understanding in order to have achieved a secure understanding of their year’s present curriculum.


Helpfully, achievement each year is now measured in Bands where the number relates to the year class number: Year 1 achieve Band 1, Year 2 achieve Band 2 and so on to Year 6 with Band 6. The progression within each Band goes from ‘Emerging’, through to ‘Expected’ and finally ‘Exceeding’ in their understanding.

  • Emerging beginning to use the skills or concepts, with guidance;
  • Expectedthrough independent work, apply the skills or concepts, showing a strong understanding of that year’s learning and so be ready for the next year’s learning;
  • Exceeding independently show a deep understanding, through reasoning, explanation and application, of skills or concepts across the curriculum.


To show expected progress, a child who achieves an Expected Band 1 at the end of Y1 should achieve an Expected Band 2 at the end of Y2, having started the year as ‘emerging’. Each child will access the Band most appropriate to their level of need. We are confident that through this new assessment system, parents will have a clearer understanding of their child’s achievement and progress.


As each child shows they can use and apply skills learnt across the curriculum, the teachers assess these in relation to emerging, expected and exceeding. By the end of the year, each child will have a profile for each core subject showing the overall Band they have achieved in that year’s curriculum. By the end of the next academic year, we will be able to clearly see the progression each child has made in relation to the new assessment Bands relating to the new Curriculum.


Most importantly, our children and teachers are all working really hard to ensure that the children continue to enjoy their learning whilst they achieve to the best of their ability.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask your child's class teacher or the Assessment Co-ordinator, Mrs Butters.