Message from the Headteacher


Welcome to Aldrington Church of England Primary School.

In joining Aldrington as its new headteacher, I have been immediately struck by its friendly and supportive community of children and families, staff and governors and the way in which the school’s values are lived out day by day. Together we have reaffirmed our vision for the school.
At Aldrington, we believe that children should live and learn in a happy, secure and stimulating environment. A place where they are valued as individuals, encouraged to grow in self-esteem and given the opportunities they deserve to reach their potential.
We recognise that the needs of children are rich and varied. We seek to develop children’s abilities through a broad and balanced curriculum which places equal emphasis on the academic, social and spiritual needs of each child.
At the heart of our school is our Christian faith which shapes and moulds everyday life. As we foster respect for each other and our environment and develop tolerance and understanding for the cultural diversity of the world in which we live, we seek to lay Christian foundations from which children can grow into caring and responsible adults in society.
We recognise the partnership between home and school and the crucial role it plays in each child’s development. By working closely with parents, our aim is to foster a love of learning, a wonder of God’s creation and a readiness for the challenges ahead.

Verity Coates