Year 2 Seahorses and Turtles

Welcome to Year 2 Seahorses

Class Teacher: Miss Reddick

Teaching Assistants:   Mrs Spraggon

 Individual Needs Assistant:  Mr Ruff, Mrs Cook


Welcome to Year 2 Turtles

Class Teacher: Miss D'Addario

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stoker

Individual Needs Assistant:  Mrs Thaxter, Ms Varela, Mrs Lieugard


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If you would like to see the curriculum planned across the year for Y2 then please click HERE

Autumn:  our topic is called Fire and Ice.

We are learning about historical fires such as the Great Fire of London and all about polar bears and where they live.

Spring: our topic is called Turrets & Tiaras

We are training to become knights. We are learning about castles, dragons and fairy tales.

Summer:  Our topic this term is called Under the Sea. We are becoming experts in sea creatures and life in, under and around the sea.