Reception Pandas and Penguins

Welcome to Year R Pandas

Class Teacher: Miss Fletcher

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Gausden         


Welcome to Year R Penguins

Class Teacher: Mr Olney

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Marcou and Mrs Lawrence          Individual Needs Assistant:  Mrs Radley, Ms Lieugard and Mrs Leach

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This term (Spring 2019) we have a new format for our curriculum information, which gives an overview of the teaching and learning in each area of learning.  Each term's curriculum information leaflet will be added to the yearly curriculum overview as it is prepared. 


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

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The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Since September 2000, a ‘Foundation Stage’ has been established for our youngest children. This is a very important stage of education and consists of play based learning and practical activity both indoors and out of doors. There are:


Three Prime Areas which work together to support development in all other areas

  • Personal Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

Four Specific Areas which include essential skills and knowledge

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Our curriculum is delivered through topics that change each term. Please see the links above to find out more about these.

 Useful information

Bishop Hannington Church Assemblies

The Reception children attend church assemblies from October. These take place at Bishop Hannington church with the rest of the school on a monthly basis. Further information about these will be provided closer to the time.


In the Autumn Term all Reception assemblies take place in class, often with both classes joining together to share bible stories and sing songs. We end our week with a Celebration Assembly where our Stars of the Week are announced. Starting in the Spring Term, our children attend a whole-school assembly every Monday morning. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays assemblies are class-based and Thursdays the children attend a Singing/Worship Assembly.


A fruit or vegetable snack is provided for each child every day. If however, your child is not keen on many fruits or vegetables, you may provide your own fruit or vegetable snack, this does not include fruit bars, e.g. Yo-yos. If you do provide your own, please name it to prevent upset and, if your child has a lunch box please do not put it in there as lunches and snacks are stored separately.

Water bottles

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle every day. Please do not put this inside your child’s book bag to avoid spillages inside!

Library books

Your child will be given a school library book on a Friday. These books will have the school name inside the cover.  The idea is to share this book with you at home. It is not intended as a book for them to read necessarily – it is to foster an enjoyment of reading and experience different texts and language. These will be changed once a week, every Friday. Experience has shown it is best to keep school books in the book bag to prevent loss. If your child does not return a book on the Friday, they will not be able to swap it for another one.       

The school day

Drop-off is between 8.35 and 8.50 each morning.

Home Time is at 3.10pm. If you are late at home time and we are not in the Reception playground, please go to the school office where your child will be waiting for you. Please let us know if your child is to be collected by a different person than usual. You can do this by writing on the ‘Going Home Board’ on the external door.

‘PPA’ time

As you may know, teachers have 10% non-contact time during the week for Planning, Preparation and Assessment. Our day for this is Thursday.

In Penguin Class, Mrs Glineur will cover for Mr Olney every Thursday morning.

In Panda Class, Miss Reed will cover for Miss Fletcher every Thursday morning.

 From time to time we also need to attend courses/meetings, when a supply teacher might cover. We try to use as few ‘different faces’ as possible so that the children have continuity.

Parent Time

Once the children have settled, we will start ‘Parent Time.’ This will be on the first Friday of each month for Panda children and the second Friday of the month for Penguin children. It is when you are invited to come in with your child in the morning and stay until 9.15am to play and see the kinds of activities your child has been doing. Information will follow nearer the time.


As we have explained we will not be changing for PE lessons until after Christmas. We will have PE sessions every Friday morning, where we will do a range of physical activities. The children will also do physical activity in our Reception playground and will use the large climbing frame in the infants’ playground. PE shoes are NOT required yet but do send in a change of underwear and socks in case of accidents, please!

Morning Routine

The children can arrive at school between 8.35 and 8.50 each morning. We encourage the children to be independent at putting their book bags and belongings away. They can then choose an activity to do in the classroom until 9.15. During this time, the register is taken and dinner requests recorded.

For your children’s security, the school gates will be locked at 8.50am. If you are late you will need to enter the school via the main entrance and notify the office staff.

Phonics/Reading/Library Books

We learn letter sounds at Aldrington by following the National Literacy Strategy’s guidance ‘Letters and Sounds’, and learn 4 new sounds a week. The Jolly Phonics scheme enriches this. Jolly Phonics uses a multi-sensory approach to learning the sounds. From week 5 of the Autumn Term, your child will bring home a ‘Sounds Book’. This will inform you of which sounds in the alphabet we have covered during the week. It will be collected in every Tuesday so that the new sounds can be stuck in and taken home on Thursdays. During the Autumn Term you will be invited to attend a Phonics session led by staff members to give you more information about this.

Reading is an integral part of our daily Literacy sessions. Children regularly read with an adult on a one-to-one basis. When your child is ready, they will be given a reading book and reading record to take home. Please try to set aside a few minutes each day to share your child’s reading book. It is helpful if you complete the record book on a regular basis.


Newsletters and information

General school letters and Reception letters will be given to each child. Please check your child’s book bag every day for important letters and communication.

Class behaviour system

We believe that our class rules encourage appropriate behaviour. These are:

  • We listen…we do not interrupt
  • We are honest…we do not cover up the truth
  • We look after property…we do not damage things
  • We are gentle…we do not hurt others
  • We are kind and helpful…we do not hurt anybody’s feelingsWe award stickers to children whose behaviour links directly to these rules. We also attend a Celebration Assembly each week to celebrate our learning and behaviour stars.The behaviour chart in our classrooms consists of a sunshine, thinking cloud and a sad cloud. Children feel very proud when they see their names on the sunshine! However, sometimes it is necessary to place their name on the thinking cloud or sad cloud to remind them of expected behaviour.