Children's Parade 2018

Year 3, siblings and parents have the privilege of representing Aldrington at the parade again this year. This page is designed to keep you informed of updates, key dates and key information. along the way.

Sign up letters for the workshops are now available here. Parents from other classes are of course welcome to join us. 

The 4 sub-teams are: Mr Miles (big make), Rachel Fellingham (small makes), Kate Osborne (costumes) and Zoe Fagg (execution/finishing arrangements).  Please support them in every way you can!


Launch Meeting Notes:

On Wed 8th November we had our launch meeting for this year's parade.  Thank you very much to the enthusiastic and creative parents that attended. We announced this year's theme which is 'paintings' and introduced everyone to our selected piece.  A wonderfully colourful, vibrant and busy jungle painting by Henri Rousseau, called 'Welcome to the Jungle'. 

We had some time to dream about what it could look like and we will use these ideas to develop our concept over the next few months.  See Powerpoint for additional notes. 







Key Dates

Now- Christmas:  -Developing concepts

Jan- Feb:    -Small makes begin

  -After school club?

  *Jan 18th- surgery

   *Feb 28th- Mass camp (Big make)

March- April:  Complete big make


       Execution arrangements agreed

May 5th:   The Big Day!

Key Information

We are happy to announce that we have our sub-team leaders confirmed. Thank you to Rachel Fellingham (small makes), Kate Osborne (costumes) and Zoe Fagg (execution/finishing arrangements). 


We are looking forward to starting this exciting journey as a team.  We will need as much help as possible from parents to make this the best year yet! Please take this time to consider what part you can play in the preparation for the big event. 


After Christmas, we will begin workshops during the school day and run an after school club for parents and children.