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Aldrington CE Primary is a school community, founded on a lively and evangelical Christian faith, in which the educational and spiritual needs of each child are pre-eminent.  We believe that children should live and learn in a happy, secure and stimulating environment. A place where they are valued as individuals, encouraged to grow in self-esteem and given the opportunities they deserve to reach their potential.  As we foster respect for each other and our environment and develop tolerance and understanding for the cultural diversity of the world in which we live, we seek to lay Christian foundations from which children can grow into caring and responsible adults in society. The school motto of ‘Learning God’s way’ along with our 6 values of love, integrity, responsibility, achievement, sense of community and respect, underpin all we do.  

FAITH Week on PRAYER week beginning 18th June 2018.

This year our focus is on PRAYER and communicating with our father God: how we talk to Him, sharing our thanks, our worries and our wishes; how He answers our prayers. We will have opportunities to express ourselves through word, art, music and dance.  We have plans to increase our opportunities for reflection in school: a quiet place, where we can be at peace in our hectic day; a reflection garden with gentle windblown musical instruments.  Years 5 and 6 will work with Melissa Hubert on a worshipful dance, ready to celebrate with their parents on the Friday afternoon. Through Suzanne and her team, from 'Off the Fence', each class will have time in the Prayer Space to reflect and share: Wednesday to Friday. Parents are welcome to spend time in the Prayer Space (based in the music/breakfast club room) on Thursday 21st June from 3.15pm to 4.00pm.

The 'Art in Heaven' (www.natre.org.uk) competition is also an opportunity for the children to express their thoughts and feelings through art on a variety of topics. The competition finishes in July - so plenty of time to produce art in school and at home. The selection of topics are 'Holy Space?', 'Pray!', 'Doubt and Faith', 'Looking for God?' and 'Making Peace'. The children can use drawing, painting, sculpture, videos or any other media. Mrs Butters will be collecting in the entries on Friday 22nd June. Each piece will need a sentence or short paragraph explaining what it represents to the artist.  Do visit the website and check it out - we have celebrated winning entries in recent years.

If any parents/carers have time to join us to help out during the week, please let Mrs Butters or the school office know. We'd particularly love to hear from those who can help with song writing, artwork, creating musical instruments from recycled materials and gardening. Varied skills! Plus if you have any recyclable objects that could be turned into mini-gardens or musical instruments please do share.   We look forward to lots of fun and creativity.

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Faith in Arts Week22Jun2018

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